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Asia 58 – La Thu Tu Chien Truong

May 5th, 2008

Asia 58 - La Thu Tu Chien Truong

The good thing about a war theme show is that it includes many of the best songs ever written. The bad thing is that these songs have been recycled so many times by so many singers that they have become extremely boring. Asia 58 – La Thu Tu Chien Truong is just that. Extremely boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I find the letters written by soldiers from the battle fields very powerful. However, the warfare vernacular used by the MCs throughout just totally threw me off, probably because I didn’t understand half of it. Even Thuy Duong lost her usual charm as MC. Her breasts looked slightly bigger than two mosquito bites in those dresses. And you just can’t expect to be charming with breasts like those. Put Lam Thuy Van and newcomer Bich Van up there, they’ve got huge “charmers.” The inclusion of “Bomb Lady” Duong Nguyet Anh was simply brilliant. She brought credibility and femininity to the show. In fact, she looked better than any of the female singer on stage, young or old.

The program included mostly medleys of 2 songs performed by 2 singers in succession, a technique mastered by Asia to ensure a more inclusive song list. Again, as timeless as these songs may be, they have been covered so many times that the only way to make them fresh again is by singing them naked on stage (except for Y Phuong and Trish, because that’s just gross). Even the dynamic duet of Ngoc Ha and Nguyen Khang couldn’t capture the romanticism of “Chan Troi Tim.”

I just can’t stand the look on Trish’s face during the fashion show number. Just wanna smack her across the face. Is it just my imagination or you can totally see through Ho Hoang Yen’s dress in “Dem Cuoi Cung”? I’m glad Dang The Luan decided to abandon his diseased vibrato. He sounded much less like a sheep this time around.

One of the best parts of the program is the comedy by Hong Dao and Quang Minh, featuring their 2 daughters. You are almost always guaranteed a good laugh, a good cry, and a meaningful message every time they perform. Also, the stage design was spectacular throughout the program, magnificently recreating the rural battle terrains.

I really wish La Thu Tu Chien Truong would have a greater impact on me emotionally. Despite an original theme and a great song selection, the show failed short of being memorable. Well, for me at least!

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