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Dam Vinh Hung – Hanh Phuc Cuoi

May 15th, 2008

Dam Vinh Hung - Hanh Phuc Cuoi

In his latest album Hanh Phuc Cuoi, Dam Vinh Hung steers away from “nhac sen” and returns to his flawless execution of tempo allegro ballads. Almost every track is accompanied by the acoustic, and the dynamic variations in these tracks render them so addictive that one spin won’t do much justice. In “Pho Vang Em,” he makes an exquisite transition from adagio and launches into the chorus with great passion. His note augmentation is especially fitting here. On the title track, he uses the accompaniment of the piano to mourn a deceased lover while exhibiting a masterful vibrato. Unfortunately, I was totally turned off by the reference to his lover as “anh” when he questions “Nguoi tinh oi sao anh no ra di.” Perhaps the gender disparity in the lyrics is intentional, and Mr. Dam is finally coming out of the closet. The weakest track is “Dung So,” where his gay-ass, feministic vocals is flat out scary. Dam Vinh Hung has always been successful at putting his emotions on every note of every song. Hanh Phuc Cuoi is no different. It is one of the best albums of the year and unarguably a must-have for those who enjoy his music.

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