"Và Con Tim Đã Vui Trở Lại"

Dam Vinh Hung – Live Show Thuong Hoai Ngan Nam

May 29th, 2008

I don’t care much for his rumored sexual orientation (evident in the DVD cover) or his cocksure personality, but the dude sure can sing. His live show DVD Thuong Hoai Ngan Nam contains many of the “nhac sen” ballads that normally would bore me to death. However, Dam Vinh Hung kept things interesting by pouring his emotions on every song and making them his. Granted, he sounded a little too gay at times, especially in “Dem Lang Thang.” Still, the DVD is definitely worth checking out, particularly for the reunion of Huong Lan and Thai Chau in “Lau Dai Tinh Ai,” a feat I didn’t think was possible after their rendezvous back in the days. Moreover, it’s refreshing to see live performances after all the lip-syncing crap on Thuy Nga and Asia videos.

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