"Và Con Tim Đã Vui Trở Lại"

Co Gai Xau Xi

May 31st, 2008

Co Gai Xau Xi is an adaptation of the Colombian soap opera Yo Soy Betty, La Fea, from which ABC’s Ugly Betty also gets its start. It stars famed actress Ngoc Hiep as Huyen Dieu, a smart but unattractive young girl working for a fashion design company. Her hideous appearance begets many problems for her both personally and professionally.

Though I haven’t followed the series in its entirety, I am quite impressed with the cast and their skillful portrayal of the characters, most notably Ngoc Hiep. However, the Hanoi dialect is a total turnoff for me. Even Ngoc Hiep’s natural “mien Nam” accent has to be subbed with Phi Thanh Van’s voice.

With 169 episodes in total, Co Gai Xau Xi is the longest running series in Vietnam. If you have a passion for Viet series and enjoy a good laugh, you should definitely check it out.

Theme Song “Cho Em” performed by Lam Truong.

Actress Ngoc Hiep


  1. chj ngoc hiep oi em co the lam quen dc voi chi dc ko neu dc thi lam the nao de noi chuyen dc

  2. ngay nao em cung coi lui coi toi nhung canh trong phim chi dong ca~
    em chi uoc la dc noi chuyen voi chi thoi chi co the noi chuyen voi em dc ko
    cchang le~ noi chuyen voi mot dien vien kho’ den the a`

  3. tiep theo chi dong phim gi`

  4. Hi Ngoc Hiep

    Toi la khan gia xem phim Co gai xau xi. Toi coi phim nay thay tuc gium cho Ngoc Hiep (hay bi Phuong Chinh an hiep, xac xuoc). Ngoai doi neu toi la giam doc nhu An Dong thi toi da duoi viec Phuong Chinh tu lau roi. Tai sao cu de co lam viec mai trong cong ty de roi hay xay ra lam chuyen rac roi? Do la nhan xet cua toi Khi coi phim nay. Ngoc Hiep co the cho toi biet cuoc song ngoai doi cua Hiep nhu the nao duoc Khong? Cam on nhieu.

  5. Dear Chi Ngoc Hiep,
    Chi co khoe khong? Em vua xem xong bo phim ” Co gai xau xi”. Em rat thich loi dien xuat rat dac biet cua Chi. Va lai Chi la mot nhan vat kha dac biet… Trong bo phim dai tap lan dau tien cua VN em coi va da hoc hoi duoc nhung cach doi xu rat that te trong phim, no cung giong mot phan nao trong cong viec hang ngay da xay ra o cong ty em lam, nhung tat ca deu la kinh nghiem cua truong doi phai khong Chi? Theo em nghi, bo phim nay rat hay va co y nghia. Em rat men Chi va dang tham do tin tuc neu Chi co nhung phim khac de em tiep tuc ung ho Chi. Nho duoc xem phim nay cho nen tu bay gio em luon luon ung ho phim anh Viet Nam them. Chuc Chi nhieu suc khoe va gat hai nhieu thanh cong trong buoc duong nghe thuat de dem nhung bo phim cung nhu mon an tinh than den voi moi nguoi chung ta.
    Kinh Chao Chi,

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