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Quang Le – Tuong Tu Nang Ca Si

April 22nd, 2009

Quang Le - Tuong Tu Nang Ca Si

Rumor has it that Quang Le got booted from Thuy Nga for stealing chips at some casino. If that’s the case, Thuy Nga may have done the music world a huge favor by stop producing his music. His latest album Tuong Tu Nang Ca Si is a complete dozer from vocals to arrangement. Every track is infested with the same tasteless instrumentation that remains consistently monotonous. Throughout the album Quang Le refuses to break away from his comfort zone and stays cooped up in his own defunct atonal vocalization. Not once did he embellish a single chord. By the last track, the album sets off a meta-emotion where I am perturbed by my own boredom.

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  1. cool.

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